A. Himeno

  • May 31, 2022

I was suffering from the pain on my shoulder and I couldn’t lift up my arm all the way up at all. This was caused from the accident I had previously and was seeing another Orthopedic doctor on Maui. I wasn’t very happy with that doctor. I heard about Dr. Eno from my friend. He didn’t come up with my previous search when I had accident because his office was new to the island. I called them right away and I was able to schedule my appointment within 2 weeks and when I saw him he offered me Cortisone shot on my shoulder. If it didn’t work, he was ready to operate my shoulder. 2 days after I received shot on my shoulder, Voila, I had no problem lifting my arm and no pain. I was so grateful and happy. My physical therapist who were working on my case said Dr. Eno must be really good because if he didn’t give me shot at the correct area, it wouldn’t have worked. I am very happy to know that there is great orthopedic doctor here on Maui now who I can trust.


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